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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hopi Native American Hand Painted Pottery Bowl by C. Maho

Hopi signed hand-paintedpot, circa 1920-40. 
2.75" h x 5.75" w

Below is info provided with a recent appraisal

Was with all Native American and Indian work, anything signed immediately implies that it was made usually after 1920 when the tourist industry seriously started for such objects. It was as a consequence of collectors wanting to buy certain artists work that the artists, as well as those middle parties trading in such wares, realized that signing pieces made them more identifiable.  The Hopi Indian Reservation was the largest resource for collectors, covering a very large area with some very good potters. I suspect that C. Maho is almost certainly a relation of the more  well known Garrett Maho who is a contemporary pottery who has won various awards for his work. 

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