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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brimfield Finds

Here are some of my May 2010 Brimfield "finds".
I've kept the corn painting. It's strange but I like it for some reason. It reminds me of VT. 

The two industrial palettes make for a nice coffee table. I have one more palette for sale which I'll post separately.

The wooden industrial gear is proudly displayed in my front hallway. Amazing craftsmanship. Several people saw me walking around with this at Brimfield and made offers but I'm keeping for myself for now.

Chicken painting is now hanging at Firebire Cafe in Essex Junction, VT.  Painted by a southern Vermont artist. 

I was told that this 1000 watt bulb came from an old tennis court in Worcester but was never used. The man who sold it to me was the electrician who replaced the bulbs.  It has been mounted to an old board with a vintage porcelain fixture. An old shop keeper in VT who keeps lots of old stuff around dug it up the fixture and gave it to us for free!  What luck!

The rusted old clock face is by Electric Neon Clock Company (this is for sale. Will posted separately.)  

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