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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bwa (Bobo) Ram Mask

This is a Bwa ram mask from Africa. The Bwa inhabit some zones of southwestern Burkina Fasso, as far as the city of San, in Mali. They are pacific farmers.

The older Bwa masks were made with leaves, feathers and vegetal fibers. They were used in the rituals of the Do initiatic society. Later, the Bwa began to carve wooden masks for their rituals, being based on the masks of their neighbors the Gurunsi/Nunuma and the Bobo.

All Bwa masks represent the spirits of the nature who have some influence on the human being. Now they not only use masks for initiation ceremonies, but in market days, funerales, and rituals related to agriculture.  (from www.africaclub.com. Learn more.)

(I will be taking some better pictures of this soon.)


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