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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cambridge Antique Market - Dealer #637

I apologize to anyone who happens to visit this blog on a frequent basis and doesn't see regular new content. I'm very busy buying and selling but it's mostly through my booth at the Cambridge Antique Market in East Cambridge. I've been a dealer there for about 2 years now and just expanded my booth on the 4th floor.  

CAM is five floors of amazing treasures. Here are some recent "Yelp" quotes:

"I have seen the face of Antiquing, and if Cambridge Antique Market had a face, it would look like Lady Gaga."

"best place I found in the Boston area for antiques and vintage items..."

"This place is great. Such a wide variety of antiques from all decades. Art, furniture, clothing, records, bikes, jewelery- amazing! There is so much to look at it can be a little hard to keep the focus. I don't think anything is crazy overpriced and if the owner of the booth is there they may indulge you in a little haggling."

"O.M.G. This place was amazing. Four floors of unique and beautiful antiques. You definitely need to have some time on your hands and be in the mood to look around when you come here. There's a huge price range but you really just need to be willing to search and you'll find something you love"

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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