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Saturday, July 7, 2012

CAM Booth

I spent some time moving some things around at my booth at Cambridge Antique Market today. It's fun meeting the customers and I like when they tell me they enjoy coming into my booth and share with me what they've bought there in the past. I spend so much time traveling to find things, lugging it around, and finally displaying it, so hearing that makes it all worthwhile.

One woman stopped by and asked me if you can make money doing this. I basically told her "no, not really."  I can cover my rent most months but I find that it is not a viable way to earn income. It's just a really fun hobby.

Nice stained glass window pane.

Rhinoceros stained glass window

Pair of blue shabby chic country chairs - SOLD
Abstract oil painting on canvas - SOLD
Original grindstone wheel - SOLD

Old metal tool cabinet, nicely rusted - SOLD
Millstone - SOLD
Wood mortar & pestle - SOLD
Old door - SOLD

Wood carved old man & woman sculptures - SOLD

Mid-century abstract oil painting by J. James Akston (1898 - 1983) 

Some info on the artist taken from AskArt website:

During the 1960s and '70s the entrepreneur-artist James Joseph Akston adopted a unique Surreal-Expressionist style in order to present his private primordial universe and lampoon its denizens - a ribald cast of animal creatures with human foibles.  A successful industrialist, he began his career with General Motors foreign operations and then started his own business.

Intermittently he studied painting, first with Jerry Farnsworth in North Truro, Cape Cod and then With Orozco in Mexico.

Kathy Carlson acrylic painting.  $325.  

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